Daily Archives: February 11, 2023


Sadly, the above headline is wishful thinking. Nothing bad ever happens to liberals in power. Instead, they get golden parachutes and new jobs at Harvard.



She’s not the most articulate person in D.C., but I admire Boebert for saying out loud what so many of us are thinking.





If I was an activist, I would organize large, pro-life-apparel-wearing groups to swarm the damn place every day until summer. Oh, yeah, and heads need to roll at the Smithsonian.




Want to know how low I’ve sunk? Today is a relatively nice, sunny day, yet I’ve spent the afternoon watching a televised double-bill of Willard and Ben. The 1970s rat movies. 

I have no excuse.

Although I’ll have to say, the Michael Jackson title tune “Ben” remains oddly compelling.








I might be sinking to new lows, but I haven’t reached the depths of Rip van Dinkle, who continues to be emasculated by Filipino artist Kryanne. (That’s her in the lower-right corner pulling down Rip’s pants.)



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