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If you still cling to the belief that our president and vice president actually run this country, listen to any (incoherent) speech by Kamala Harris, or watch Joe Biden in the (embarrassing) video above.

How could anyone vote for these idiots?




Netflix Nuggets


Girl from Nowhere — Thailand does Black Mirror, high-school version. I am liking the show so far, although I fear the evil-girl-laughing-manically thing might get old, sooner rather than later.


This notification I received from Netflix (below) seems to say something disturbing about my taste in TV shows. Sociopathic villains, anyone?







If you dig smart girls, movies, and cleavage, I highly recommend Deepfocuslens on YouTube.

Bonus: She is young, but she actually reviews old movies!




Blast From the Past




Anyone else remember Kathrine Baumann, 1970’s Miss America runner-up turned Hollywood starlet? Here she is in publicity photos, letting us know that she left her panties at home.




Last, and certainly least, Grouchy Editor contributor Rip van Dinkle is the subject of a new illustration by artist Kryanne Dane. We thought it might be interesting to take a look at the evolution of the project. Pictured below are two preliminary sketches.

Somewhat surprisingly, we are less impressed by his small penis than by his prominent beer gut.




We’ll post the final illustration when it’s complete. 


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