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If the polls are right – and they are never wrong, are they? – half the country is about to find out what the other half has been feeling for the past four years.

The big question: If Trump does in fact go down in three weeks, will the unhappy right react the same way that the left did, i.e., like whining, screaming, recalcitrant, spoiled brats?




TV Tidbits


My early impressions of two new series on Netflix:


The Haunting of Bly Manor – cliched stuff. It’s handsomely produced, but Henry James-pedigreed or not, everything in this show feels so been-there, done-that. Caveat: That’s based on viewing just the first episode.


To the Lake – a very pleasant surprise. I’ve consumed one other Russian series, The Method, which was watchable but odd. It felt as though many of the characters and stories on that crime drama had dropped into my television from Tolstoy’s Russia, even though the show was set in present day.


Above, The Method with Paulina Andreeva and Konstantin Khabenskiy


But Lake, through four episodes, is relentlessly gripping. The story is stale – deadly, zombie-like epidemic envelops the world – but the Russian creative team makes it fresh and exciting.




One thing both The Method and To the Lake have in common: hot actresses. Unlike Russia-Gate or whatever you want to call it, this is one Russian invasion I can live with.

See for yourself (click on photos for a larger view):



Paulina Andreeva (The Method)






Viktoriya Agalakova (To the Lake)






Maryana Spivak (To the Lake)






Natalya Zemtsova (To the Lake)



Because it was absolutely essential to the plot, at one point in the third episode, three of the four female stars of To the Lake appear in a nude sauna scene. This includes the pregnant Natalya Zemtsova, who was either actually pregnant during filming, or had use of one very convincing prosthetic stomach.





The Grouchy Editor has been criticized for focusing too much on naked ladies at the expense of actual news (see above). But Hugh Hefner has gone to that bunny hutch in the sky, and someone has to carry on the tradition.

Also, what are we supposed to do when the New York Post informs us that the head coach of our favorite team, the Minnesota Vikings, is dating this girl?




No wonder Zimmer’s team is 1-3. How’s a coach supposed to concentrate on football when he wakes up to that in the morning?





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