Daily Archives: August 31, 2019

Journalists are writing articles about how exhausted they are by politics. Tim Pool, who cranks out scores of videos about politics every month, bought a van and is planning to hit the road, in part to escape the nightmare of national politics.

We get sick of politics, too. We also cannot stomach one more story about random shootings or hurricanes in Florida.

So screw politics this week. Instead, let’s look at 10 pictures of cutie pies who probably did not expect to wind up on the Internet when they got pantsed, wedgied, or surprised by some jerk with a camera.

(If any of these girls happen to be your daughter, sister, girlfriend, or niece, our apologies. Someone put their bare butts on the Web, and now we all want to see.)


We’ve all heard of “mean girls,” but you just know there’s a dude holding the camera, encouraging this nonsense.


Another shot of one female turning on another female. Not exactly what we’d call “girl power.”


This seems more typical: toxic masculinity assaults the Coppertone girl.


Too bad we can’t see her facial expression. Or maybe that is her facial expression?


Are you ready for some (bottomless) football?


You just know that there’s a good story behind this photo.


Surprise! You’re naked on the Internet!


No clue what’s going on here.


“Someone’s taking a picture of our pumpable, humpable rear ends.”


 Trump did say that some girls will let you grab their pussies.


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