Daily Archives: August 3, 2019

We’re feeling especially lazy this week, so the “Review” will be short and sweet. Well, short, anyway.




I was Internet surfing and came across this shot from Piranha 3D:



I think every woman who has ever asked, “Do these pants make my ass look fat?” should take note that, compared to water, your pants ain’t nothin’ to worry about.




Money Heist: Part 3 has a plot that’s often just as ridiculous as in earlier seasons, but at times it’s a wildly entertaining ride. The final episode, especially, was packed with twists and turns.

And the pregnant cop (below) as villain? A stroke of genius.





Between rancorous politics and mass shootings and just things in general, I’m thinking this might be a great time to move to New Zealand.

Can I smoke in New Zealand?


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