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Sexiest Man Alive!


People’s “sexiest man alive” list, as usual, is packed with girlie men and assorted metrosexuals, the kind of males that gay hairdressers find attractive.  But I was heartened when I heard that the top spot on the list went to a singer/judge from TV’s The Voice.

In honor of People’s hunk of the year, I tracked down photo goodness of the super-sensual CeeLo Green.

(Top) CeeLo enjoys some fine cuisine; (below) CeeLo models the latest fashion, circa 2008; (bottom) CeeLo delights fans by making a public appearance last week at his sexual assault hearing.


.                 CeeLo2CeeLo3






Mystery in the Middle of the Night


What happened to Red Eye’s Bill Schulz?  Schulz’s abrupt departure from the late-night talk show, coupled with a cursory announcement from host Greg Gutfeld that the longtime panelist had “moved on,” has tongue wagging.


Gutfeld4           Schulz

.                            Greg Gutfeld                                                                         Bill Schulz


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