The Weekly Review: June 12 – 18


The big question in November isn’t whether there will be a “red wave.” All signs indicate there will be.

No, the question is whether the incoming Republicans will actually strive to effect change, or if they will adopt their predecessors’ tactic of go-along-to-get-along to preserve the status quo — and their cushy lifestyles.





I had high hopes for 2019’s horror flick Ready or Not because the critics at Rotten Tomatoes (fooled me once) gave it a high rating (fooled me twice).

After a promising start, Ready devolves into just another boring kill-or-be-killed exercise, with cardboard characters, witless dialogue, and ridiculous plot developments. Also, the comedy and horror elements were a tonal mess.

My fault, though, because you know what they say when you get fooled twice.




Speaking of horror movies, apparently Dashcam director Rob Savage liked the fact that we praised the movie’s lead actress, Annie Hardy:





I’d like to see the new Top Gun movie with Tom Cruise, because I understand it’s not in the least bit “woke.”

I’m in no hurry to see the new Top Gun movie with Tom Cruise, because I saw the first one and thought it was, well, just OK.




Let’s check in with a troll on Twitter:



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