The Weekly Review: March 13 – 19

Feeling Fatalistic


I can’t bring myself to write about the news this week, because it doesn’t seem to matter what any of us say. Our illustrious “leaders” are going to do what they’re going to do, no matter what. Complaining all the time is tiresome.

I am feeling fatalistic.

Instead, let me blabber about what the kids are interested in — HBO’s Euphoria.




Feeling Euphoric


It was free-preview weekend on my cable service, so I checked out the teen-targeted Euphoria.

It seems clear that the show is Bret Easton Ellis for the Internet generation. Lots of young people doing drugs; lots of young people having sex; lots of teen angst.

My issue is with this message from the show’s creators: This is reality. Most of real life is awful. Watch miserable things happen to miserable teens on our show so that you’ll know you aren’t alone.

I have no doubt that the dreadful things and despicable people in Euphoria reflect dreadful things and despicable people in real life, but to pretend that this is exclusive “reality,” and we are all just stuck with it and so we might as well wallow in Euphoria’s misery is just … stupid.

And yet … there is something addictive about watching attractive young people doing bad or stupid things. And this show is very well made. Like the drugs it depicts, Euphoria is mesmerizing. It’s only later that you wonder, “why did I indulge in that crap?”





Meanwhile, star Sydney Sweeney was in the news, complaining, but not really complaining, about her numerous nude scenes in the show. Here are some shots of Sydney in Euphoria:



I suspect that many fans of the show, primarily its male fans, aren’t so much interested in Euphoria’s bleak worldview as they are in actress Sydney. Below, an excerpt from E! Online:



The problem with that cliched comment, which we hear from actresses all the time, is that, sure, you and your character are “separate people.” But you share the same body. We’ll bet that baby brother Trent can’t tell the difference.


Above, actor Algee Smith enjoys some Sydney Sweeney.


Sydney does not seem to enjoy some Algee Smith.


Above, Sydney has some back-door action with a different actor.


But why look at pictures when you can watch the video?




Juan Williams must have had a rough weekend.

Special Report with Bret Baier was on the TV but I wasn’t watching, just listening, when I could swear that I heard Williams issue a loud, involuntary snort smack-dab in the middle of something he was saying.

Sadly, I wasn’t recording the show (March 14, 5:55 p.m. Central time, if you want to look for it).

I thought I might find a clip on YouTube, but no such luck. I did, however, find this clip — from a different show on the same day:



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