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The sovereignty of American states is of little concern to Our Leaders. Let’s keep on sneaking in hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens. In the middle of the night. And send them to your city. Because, why not?

On the other hand, it’s very nice that Our Leaders are concerned about the sovereignty of our good pals in Ukraine. Let’s go to war for the Ukrainians. Even if they don’t want us to.




Celebrity Boobs (bad version): Aging ’60s Rock Stars


Oh, my. We’re not sure how Spotify will ever survive without these musical giants. In 2022, they are more popular than ever.




Seems like a win-win for everybody.




Celebrity Boobs (good version): Jewel Shepard



Rip has been discussing good TV shows with Jewel Shepard. Jewel Who, you say?

You probably know her. Depends on what you like. Also, might depend on how old you are.

If you are a fan of cult movies, you might have seen her in the comic-horror flick The Return of the Living Dead (below).



Perhaps you watched Cinemax After Dark in the 1990s, in which case you might have seen her in Christina (below).



If you are a fan of obscure porn from the 1980s, you might have seen her in the poses and screen caps below. Here is a link to the (grainy) movie.

By the way, we’re not very good about warning visitors concerning content that is Not Safe for Work. So here you go: The content below is Not Safe for Work. (It’s the weekend. What the hell are you doing at work?)



Sadly, that is not Rip in the porn flick with Jewel. But she does have good taste in TV shows.


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