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I will see a campaign ad about Candidate A, in which he comes off worse than Hitler, and will later learn that Candidate A is leading his race by 10 points. I will conclude that Candidate A’s opponent must be worse than Hitler.


If the “experts” are correct – and they are never, ever wrong – the Democrats will seize control of the House of Representatives. This will result in:


  • Democrats stopping some of Trump’s agenda.
  • Democrats accomplishing nothing of their own agenda.


In other words, nothing much will happen.


I take that back. Trump will still be president, so the chances of nothing much happening are pretty much nil.




Sensitivity Training!



There is a commercial for a movie called Beautiful Boy in which an effeminate dad played by Steve Carell tries to help his effeminate, drug-addicted son. This commercial plays endlessly on Fox News and during football games.

Seems like if your target demographic is the sensitive crowd, you might want to plug your movie elsewhere. The title alone is enough to make Steelers fans upchuck.




Double Standards!



I watched Outlander in its first season, and it was a decent show. But then I drifted away. It appears, from the picture above, that the heroine dumped her husband and has taken up with the younger, studlier boy toy she found in the 18th century. This plot is considered dashing and romantic by many female fans.

But how is it different from the older man who dumps his long-time spouse for a younger trophy wife?




Note: Just in case it isn’t obvious, the preceding post was brought to you by an old straight male.


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