The Weekly Review: August 7 – 13 Don Lemon


Don Lemon Week!


“We tend not to trust disagreeable people, in part because they’re not trustworthy.”


Dan McAdams, professor of psychology at Northwestern University, stating the obvious while explaining Donald Trump to CNN’s Don Lemon.






Donald Trump on Twitter, explaining Don Lemon to the world.


We noticed that Dandy Don wore his glasses this week during his show. Everyone knows that smart people wear glasses.




I am currently reading a biography about Joseph Stalin and his reign of terror in Russia.

This is how I comfort myself with the fact that yes, politics have been worse than they are this year in America.




I’ve been ignoring the Summer Olympics.

I just … don’t … seem to care.




Andrea Tantaros joined the roster of women accusing Roger Ailes of sexual harassment at Fox News. 


Didn’t we (sort of) predict this a month ago?


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