The Weekly Review: May 22 – 28 Warren



Since this story is about Pocahontas, shouldn’t the headline read “Warren on the Warpath”? warpath





I used the bathroom at Target the other day and nothing happened. No protesters, no perverts. Very disappointing.




Failed talk-show host Melissa Harris-Perry wore this t-shirt on Real Time with Bill Maher. Perry  

Flawless? Hmmm. Seems like if you are fired from your MSNBC talk show, which routinely attracted about six viewers, there might be a flaw or two somewhere in your clothes closet.

On the other hand, you do inform us on your Web site that you are an “intellectual,” and the t-shirt could be referring to your boobies …. Google


***** Editors


Do I notice anything about this meeting? Oh, sure. Aside from the shocking lack of diversity and the smug expressions, as usual I see no proofreaders.


***** Sipos


I was watching a mediocre horror series called Slasher, produced by a channel you haven’t heard of, when I recognized a familiar butt. The shapely derriere belonged to an actress named Jessica Sipos, above, who also appeared in another mediocre series called Ascension.  I cannot recommend either of the mediocre shows, but I wholeheartedly endorse Jessica’s muscular cheeks, which compose our Butt of the Week. Sipos Sipos


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