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“If you love someone, you forget what they look like.”  — Joy Behar reacting to the ad pictured above, which plugs a Web site for married cheaters.

I don’t know, Joy.  I appreciate the sentiment, but I think I’d have a hard time forgetting the appearance of this little honey.






I don’t understand how Elisabeth Hasselbeck became a celebrity.  I remember her, vaguely, from her tenure on Survivor, but only because she pranced around in a bikini.  I guess that she had balls for confronting arch-enemy Bill Maher this week on The View, but she didn’t exactly advance her cause — assuming she has one.








I’m just as pissed as anyone else about the mess at Penn State, but it does make me wonder — whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?  Has there ever been such a collective rush to judgment?

Possibly worst of all is HLN resident hothead Mike Galanos.  After playing the now-infamous interview in which Bob Costas asked Jerry Sandusky if he, Sandusky, is a pedophile, Galanos barked to viewers, “That was not a yes or no answer!” Granted, Sandusky hemmed and hawed in his reply, but he clearly said “no.”

God help any criminal defendant if Galanos ever lands on the jury.




Haldeman    Williams3

                      Haldeman                                                            Williams


A theory:  The “masters of the universe” on Wall Street and in the business world — like Freddie Mac’s Charles Haldeman and Fannie Mae’s Mike Williams, above — get away with screwing taxpayers and stockholders in large part because they look so … ordinary.

These guys invariably have bland public personalities and John Doe faces.  Hell, even their names are dull.  They remind everyone of the kindly ushers at a Lutheran church.  No one really notices them, which is precisely how they like it as they pick our pockets.




Brad1 Brad2


Does anyone else recall Bradley Cooper, People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive,” from his man-on-man sex scene in Wet Hot American Summer?   Cooper (I know you want the details) assumes the “female position” in his auspicious motion picture debut.

Mel Gibson, some of us miss you.




Speaking of men kissing men … the Vatican used its clout to get clothing retailer Benetton to stop using a doctored picture of Pope Benedict XVI kissing al-Azhar Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayyeb.  OK, Vatican, you can stop Benetton but you can’t stop all of us.  I will gladly post anything that belittles this Pope, because this Pope shields child molesters.






Hard to say who had a tougher week:  Joe Paterno, who got fired and learned that he has cancer on the same day, or Robert Wagner, whom the police say is not a suspect in the re-opened Natalie Wood case, but whom everyone thinks is a suspect in the re-opened Natalie Wood case.




And finally, as a long-suffering Minnesota Vikings fan, I think I might have found a soul-mate:



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A real treat for fans, Harry Potter: Page to Screen boasts hundreds of full-color, glossy photos from the creative minds responsible for the eight Potter film adaptations.  That’s the good news.  The not-so-good news:  The accompanying text, although detail-heavy, is a bit bland and what you might expect from the Warner Bros. publicity department – every actor is “wonderful to work with” and “an amazing talent.”  Every director is “brilliant” and “understanding.”  What – in ten years of moviemaking there was no friction on the set?  But this is primarily a picture-book and, although print photography can’t match the clarity of high-definition TVs and computers, there’s still something magical about holding a book like this in your hands.


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Harry Potter and his wizard pals had lots of cool gadgets, including flying broomsticks and an invisibility cloak.  One thing they didn’t have was x-ray vision.

Thank goodness we have Hollywood to give us a peek beneath all those witches’ robes:


Bellatrix Lestrange (Helena Bonham Carter)


From Fight Club (below) and The Wings of the Dove (bottom):













Madame Rosmerta (Julie Christie)


According to author Peter Bart’s book, Infamous Players:  A Tale of Movies, the Mob (and Sex), Christie and co-star Donald Sutherland took method acting to an extreme in this scene from Don’t Look Now.  Bart, invited onto the set by director Nicolas Roeg, witnessed the filming of the scene and later wrote about it: “It was clear to me they were no longer simply acting:  they were fucking on camera.”









Fleur Delacour (Clemence Poesy)


From Welcome to the Roses:









Rita Skeeter (Miranda Richardson)


From Dance with a Stranger:







Aunt Petunia Dursley (Fiona Shaw)


From Mountains of the Moon, it’s Aunt Petunia’s bush!









Nymphadora Tonks (Natalia Tena)


From Mrs. Henderson Presents, and from Afterlife:














Minerva McGonagall (Maggie Smith)


From California Suite:







Sybil Trelawney (Emma Thompson)


From The Tall Guy and, in the beach shots, courtesy of local paparazzi:






.                                          Thompson5     Thompson6







Molly Weasley (Julie Walters)


From She’ll Be Wearing Pink Pyjamas.  Not in this picture, she won’t:







J. K. Rowling


Someone lends a hand to the popular author at a party.





Hermione Granger (Emma Watson)


Emma has thus far managed to keep her on-screen robes buttoned.  However, much to the paparazzi’s delight, she seems to favor unbuttoned tops and see-thru knickers at movie premieres.






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