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My Emily Litella Moment


During the bomb scare this week in Times Square, I had to admit that the anti-Obama crowd was right:  Our president was showing an alarming lack of leadership.  I came to this conclusion after listening to news reports that “the president is busy on the golf course.”

This was an awful development.  He was playing golf during a possible terrorist attack?

“Obama is taking a tour of the golf course,” a TV anchor informed me.  And then I realized my Emily Litella mistake.  Obama wasn’t touring the “golf course. ” He was touring the “gulf coast,” in the wake of the oil spill.

As Emily would say, never mind.








Sports writers are not to be trusted.  Now that Lawrence Taylor (above) is in trouble again, I am hearing  professional jock sniffers talk about what a horrible person he is.

Decades after revered Yankee Mickey Mantle retired, we found out what a drunken jerk he was.  Here in Minnesota, Kirby Puckett was baseball’s “ambassador” of good will — until we found out, years later, that he was busy chasing his wife around the house with a chain saw.

Sportswriters won’t tell you about any of this misbehavior until after a) the jock is traded to another city; b) the jock dies or has been retired for many years; or c)  said misbehavior can no longer be ignored.

But times might be changing, thanks to the Internet and cell-phone cameras.  Just ask Josh Hamilton (bottom), who can no longer enjoy a night out on the town without some bozo posting pictures.







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