Daily Archives: December 30, 2023


It’s not often — maybe unprecedented — that you can confidently predict that the coming year will be a momentous one in American history — or even world history.

In January 1941, no one thought the coming year would see Japan bombing Pearl Harbor. In January 2001, no one envisioned terrorist planes crashing into the World Trade Center. (OK, conspiracy theorists, maybe some people saw these things coming.)

But 2024? It’s going to be momentous. The only question is about the details.





Maybe my expectations were too high, because the premise (and cast) of The Holdovers had me hoping the movie would be, as some reviewers claim, an “instant holiday classic.”

Don’t get me wrong. Alexander Payne’s comedy-drama is fine. It’s funny and touching and Paul Giamatti is, well, Paul Giamatti.

But “fine” is how I’d describe it.

I doubt that I’ll be planning to watch it every Christmas season.




Happy New Year.

If possible.


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