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“Now, what really mattered to me was how all of this unfolded,” she explained. “What was the thing that sparked it, what started all of it. And, initially, I was under the assumption that Rittenhouse was the person who was chasing after Joseph Rosenbaum — that’s how it started. But I was wrong about that.

“I was in fact wrong about that, and to show you the evidence to reinforce that I was wrong about that, I want to go to this video.” — Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks.


Too often, when the “progressive” left is once again proven wrong about something in our ongoing culture war (like, say, the Russian dossier, or Hunter Biden’s laptop), it is given the benefit of the doubt:

“Oh, they were mistaken.” “Oops, looks like they might have gotten that one wrong.” “Oh well, do better next time.”

But the “mistakes” keep happening and show no signs of ceasing.

When MSNBC, or CNN, or Your Favorite YouTube Liberal spreads misinformation about Kyle Rittenhouse, Donald Trump, or anyone else they dislike, it is intentional. It’s not a mistake. These people are at war, and facts don’t matter to them; facts are merely inconvenient.

Because the left controls most institutions and has most of the money and power, the only hope is to wake up “the great unwashed,” and hope that the majority of Americans can stop watching Netflix long enough to exercise their common sense.

And when an idiot like Ana Kasparian finally wakes up and sees the light, don’t alienate her by calling her an idiot. Even though she is an idiot.





The Nobel, Pulitzer, Emmys, Oscars — they shouldn’t have to be sued to do the right thing. They should be doing it on their own.

This is why awards institutions no longer have credibility.




Over the past few years, The Grouch, believe it or not, has held not one but two day jobs. No longer. Thanks to Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate, The Grouch was shown the door this week by Pearson Education.

Asked for a comment, The Grouch said: “Let’s go, Brandon!”


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