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People look back at the hair and fashion of the 1970s and they can’t stop laughing.

But you can’t tell me that in 40 years, maybe less, they’ll be able to stop laughing at hair like this:






Bad news, worse news for Saturday Night Live fans.

The bad news is that we won’t get any more Melissa McCarthy spoofs of dearly departed Sean Spicer.

The worse news is that we’ll still get Alec Baldwin’s tired Trump impersonation.




Critics love the term “peak TV.” I think they might be misspelling it.


“Peek TV” means you spend four or five minutes taking a peek at the latest piece of crap, then change the channel.




Awkward Conversations with Mom and Dad:



“Hi mom and dad. Guess what? I’m starring in a movie!”


“No … I play the meat.”


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