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Donnie’s Angels


I’m not sure what Donald Trump would do without his team of blond spokeswomen. On Wednesday, Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway (top right) held her own against Rachel Maddow. Nearly every night, Trump supporter Kayleigh McEnany (top center) is gang-tackled by liberals on CNN, but she generally comes off well. And then of course there is Trump daughter Ivanka (top left).

Makes me wonder why old foot-in-his-mouth doesn’t just drop out of the election and let one of these women run in his place.






This guy is as dull as dishwater, but I am nevertheless appreciating Wolf Blitzer. Unlike everyone else in the media, at least he keeps his opinions to himself.


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Haunted Houses!


Two ghost stories that aren’t particularly scary but man, do they know how to stage one helluva haunted house:  1999’s The Haunting and 2015’s Crimson Peak.




I will watch these movies repeatedly just to marvel at the sets. Pictured above, Crimson Peak. Pictured below, The Haunting.









There are news reports that Donald Trump received his first intelligence on Wednesday. It’s about time.




Willa’s Butt!




Someone at MTV must admire Scream star Willa Fitzgerald’s cute bubble butt, especially in tight jeans, because we sure got to see a lot of it – not that I’m complaining.


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This dude in a scene from Amazon’s Alpha House also enjoyed Willa’s butt: 




Willa’s Butt, by the way, is also the name of a cactus indigenous to the American Southwest.







Ashleigh Baker


Far be it from me to accuse A&E of turning its reality show 60 Days In into a women-in-prison flick, but this was a highlighted scene from the premiere of the second season:


.               Ass1              Ass2     Ashleigh

.   Ashleigh1  Ashleigh2  Ashleigh3

(click on pictures for larger views)


Poor Ashleigh Baker (above) was pressured to pull her pants down so a gang of drooling, salacious female inmates could ogle her ass.

I know I’ve seen this before, in either The Big Doll House or Chained Heat.


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Share Don Lemon


Don Lemon Week!


“We tend not to trust disagreeable people, in part because they’re not trustworthy.”


Dan McAdams, professor of psychology at Northwestern University, stating the obvious while explaining Donald Trump to CNN’s Don Lemon.






Donald Trump on Twitter, explaining Don Lemon to the world.


We noticed that Dandy Don wore his glasses this week during his show. Everyone knows that smart people wear glasses.




I am currently reading a biography about Joseph Stalin and his reign of terror in Russia.

This is how I comfort myself with the fact that yes, politics have been worse than they are this year in America.




I’ve been ignoring the Summer Olympics.

I just … don’t … seem to care.




Andrea Tantaros joined the roster of women accusing Roger Ailes of sexual harassment at Fox News. 


Didn’t we (sort of) predict this a month ago?


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Revamp at Fox News!


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                       Moos                                     Crowley                                          Starr


As part of a major corporate-culture overhaul at Fox, the network announced its latest midday offering, Outweighed, in which portly TV journalists Barbara Starr, Jeanne Moos, and Candy Crowley will gang up on a different hapless male each day. The ladies’ first guest will be deposed Fox chief Roger Ailes, pictured at top.


Before we say goodbye to Roger, let’s take one more look at some of the talent he’s introduced to television journalism (click on thumbnails for larger view):


.      Andrea1  Bream  Bila1

             Andrea Tantaros                     Shannon Bream                      Jedediah Bila


.      Megyn_Kelly_Banderas          Judge          Kim

.Julie Banderas, Megyn Kelly         Jeanine Pirro                 Kimberly Guilfoyle


.      Andrea2  Bila2  Joanne

.                 Tantaros                                     Bila                           Joanne Nosuchinsky


.      Harris  Falzone  CourtneyFriel

.            Harris Faulkner              Diana Falzone                     Courtney Friel 


. Dash Kooiman Hasselbeck

.                   Stacey Dash                          Anna Kooiman         Elisabeth Hasselbeck






Apparently this guy has never read the reviews for Tyler Perry movies.




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The Wave Wave


Norway delivers an exciting disaster movie that more than holds its own against similar fare from Hollywood. A geologist learns that a restless mountain is about to crumble, dumping enough rock into an adjoining fjord to create a 250-foot wall of water that will turn his scenic village into Davy Jones’ Locker – and the populace has just minutes to reach higher ground. It’s a familiar disaster-flick scenario, but director Roar Uthaug beats Hollywood at its own game by making the action and characters more realistic. Also, the special effects are impressive. Release: 2015  Grade: B+




Night Will Fall Night


If you get off on “torture porn” like The Green Inferno by filmmaker Eli Roth, this disturbing movie might cure you of the affliction, because Night’s raw footage of dead, dying, or decomposing concentration-camp victims is a reminder that gore and brutality aren’t just the province of Hollywood special-effects wizards. Ostensibly, this film is about an unreleased documentary briefly overseen by Alfred Hitchcock in 1945, but what lingers is the horror of Nazi Germany. Release: 2014  Grade: A




Crimson Peak Crimson


Mia Wasikowska plays an early-20th-century damsel who marries and then moves to an eerie estate with her British husband (Tom Hiddleston) and his sinister sister, played with venomous relish by Jessica Chastain. This is an old-fashioned ghost story with modern-day special effects and, best of all, the visual aesthetics of director Guillermo del Toro. The gloomy estate hides secrets, the brother and sister harbor secrets … and none of it is particularly scary. As a romance Crimson also falls short, but Del Toro’s gorgeous sets and old-style direction make for a memorable two hours. Release: 2015  Grade: B+




Wildlike Wildlike


Here’s a small gem with a larger-than-life setting. Ella Purnell plays a 14-year-old runaway who flees an abusive uncle and finds a reluctant ally in a backpacking, grumpy widower played by Bruce Greenwood. The movie begins as a total downer but transitions into a touching, odd-couple dramedy thanks to memorable turns from Greenwood, young Purnell, and the beauties of Alaska. Release: 2014  Grade: A-


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