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                                        Holiday Cheer

In case you’re sick of the bland, sweet crap that dominates TV this month, here is an entertaining antidote from director Bob Clark, the same man who gave the world A Christmas StoryBlack Christmas will make you feel all warm and fuzzy – if by “warm and fuzzy” you mean pissing your pants and raising goose bumps.


Black4          Black5


This 1974 horror classic is the anti-Christmas Story.  But don’t mistakenly rent the insipid, 2006 remake.  And don’t watch it if you live in a house with an attic.






What the hell is a “Dylan Sprouse”?  Apparently, now even Opie from Mayberry has leaked nude photos.






Terrific.  Now I’ll be able to make the same dumb mistakes, over and over and over again.


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