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Don Rickles was on Jimmy Kimmel’s show the other night.  Don Rickles, at 86, is still one of the funniest guys on the planet.  Below, Rickles in 1976 with Frank Sinatra and Johnny Carson.








Early-season TV report card


Elementary     Not bad, although Jonny Lee Miller (above) as Sherlock Holmes isn’t all that captivating.  Holmes should always, always seem bigger than life, and Miller simply doesn’t.

666 Park Avenue and Last Resort     Mediocre stuff, the kind of shows you might watch while clipping your toenails, or gaining insight and wisdom at The Grouchy Editor.

American Horror Story: Asylum     So far, so good.  The season premiere was better than anything from last year’s series.  And how about Jessica Lange (below) — ain’t she something?






The Week in Headlines


The Feds are lucky that so many of these would-be bombers resemble The Three Stooges.

There’s a lot of squawking on Fox News about “who knew what” in regard to the attack on our diplomatic mission in Libya.  I’d be more inclined to pay attention if Fox had been equally concerned about “who knew what” leading up to the war in Iraq.

Guess I won’t need to vote next month.  From what I’m hearing, soccer moms and the good people of Ohio and Florida will decide this year’s election.




Whoever coined the phrase, “There is no such thing as a stupid question,” was an idiot.  I know, because I have lots of stupid questions.   For example:

In movies about space travel, NASA capsules are often in danger of burning up in Earth’s atmosphere upon re-entry.  So why wasn’t the dude who just made that record space jump in danger of burning up?






Meanwhile, on Survivor ….




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