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I guess now we all know why Vikings quarterback Brett Favre is so fond of the song “Pants on the Ground.”

It’s brutal being a Minnesota sports fan.  On Wednesday, we were pumped up about having home-field advantage for the Twins-Yankees playoffs.  On the same day, we learned that superstar receiver Randy Moss was coming home to the Vikings, where he would team up with Favre.  Super Bowl hopes were through the roof.

Twenty-four hours later, the Twins were facing elimination, Favre was giving new meaning to that “Pants” ditty, and we all learned who Jenn Sterger is.  Moss, of all people, was the only professional athlete in Minnesota who was behaving like a model citizen.


Moss      JennSterger

                      Moss                                                                Sterger


As for the Vikings, this is what I wrote in the “Weekly Review” on September 18:  “There is no team in professional sports more cursed than the Vikings, no team that does a better job of punishing its fans.  Let us see what horrors this new season brings.”




Thank goodness we still have Kevin Garnett and the Timberwolves.  Wait ….


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