The Weekly Review: March 17 – 23


“Civil War”


The early reviews are in for this much-anticipated film, and most of them are glowing.

I am of two minds about this. On the one hand, there’s nothing I enjoy more than a crackerjack thriller, and this sounds like a good one.

On the other hand, the movie’s protagonists are reportedly … members of the media.

If there is one profession that decidedly does not deserve the hero-treatment in 2024, it’s the media.




“We’re on the verge of insanity” — Victor Davis Hanson


If I didn’t know better, I would suspect that the Democrats, sensing a November election loss to Donald Trump, are doubling down on the insanity, hoping to inflict as much permanent damage as possible to the country in the months they have left in power. Some recent outrages:


Outrage 1



Terrorists, for sure. But don’t forget the child sex-traffickers.


Outrage 2



More evidence that whatever Joe Biden touches turns to shit — including Supreme Court appointments. This one believes, apparently, that government should rule with an iron fist over its citizens. You know, because the citizens work for government, not the other way around.


Outrage 3



Yeah, Biden, this one’s on you, too.


Outrage 4



Biden’s America. Sorry if that sounds like a broken record, but there it is.


Outrage 5




I live in Minnesota, which has a friendly rivalry with neighboring Iowa. But hats off to you on this one, Iowa.




Overrated Movies


Typically, when I see “click-bait” articles like this one, I just roll my eyes and move on. But I read this one about overrated movies and, to my surprise, I agreed with most of its conclusions. 





Who was it that said, “Women acquire wisdom when, as they age, they realize the importance of logic; men acquire wisdom when, as they age, they realize the importance of compassion”?

Wait … that was me.

Aren’t I smart?




Some pundits on the political right also seem to have gone crazy:



Or does Candace Owens know something about the First Lady of France that we do not?




Too much doom and gloom. Let’s end this week on a more pleasant note. Like this picture of bathing beauty Riley Gaines.



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