The Weekly Review: February 18 – 24


According to Google’s A.I. feature, this is the father of our country:



There’s nothing “woke” about the world’s largest search engine, is there?

Can’t wait to see how Google handles our upcoming presidential election.





I keep harping on this subject, but to little avail.

To the average voter, the “economy” has nothing to do with job reports, or projections, or Wall Street. The economy has everything to do with skyrocketing costs for gas and groceries that cut into their disposable income. We’re talking about thousands of dollars, annually, for a middle-class family.

But to rich liberals like Bill Maher, inflation is nothing more than the cost of a Mars bar going up twenty-five cents.





I had to read the above Daily Mail headline three times before I got an inkling of what it was trying to say.





Whenever I begin to despair about the wokeness takeover in America, I remember that things could be worse. I could live in England (or Canada).




An Example of Fine Investigative Reporting:



There is a debate about whether the derriere on display in a scene from the slasher flick Thanksgiving belongs to actress Shailyn Griffin (above). We’re trying to get to, uh, the bottom of it.

AZ Nude seems to believe the butt belongs to a body double:





Mr. Skin also suspects the rear end does not belong to Ms. Griffin:



But on Reddit, there is a raging debate:



In pursuit of journalistic truth, we have examined the scene in question. Below is a video clip. If you watch it carefully, there is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it profile shot of the actress at the eight-second mark. Is that Ms. Griffin’s face?



Because we are so intrepid, we sent a query to Ms. Griffin on her Instagram page:



That was a week ago. We haven’t heard back.

We are not holding our collective breath for a reply.


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