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It’s hard to imagine a bigger “threat to democracy” than a handful of liberal judges telling the electorate that it is not allowed to vote for the presidential frontrunner.

Once again, the left engages in classic projection, accusing its political foes of the very sin the left itself is guilty of perpetrating.





I live in Minnesota. Come over and have some hot chocolate, Kat. I feel bad for you.





Dee found love and a million dollars by winning Survivor. “Boyfriend” Austin found reality-TV infamy by epitomizing the word “simp,” or what we old-timers used to call a “sucker.”

Unless, of course, Austin is actually a modern gold-digger, hoping to siphon off as much of Dee’s million bucks as possible. That would be a fitting revenge, would it not?





Maybe they will turn out to be very different cinematic animals, but if The Holdovers is anything like 2000’s Wonder Boys, I can’t wait to see it. I love Wonder Boys (my review here), and Holdovers is projecting similar vibes.

A problematic college professor bonds with a male student? Check. Nice mixture of comedy and drama? Check. Top-notch actor playing the professor? Check.





Oh, boy. I am so looking forward to 2024.




Last but not least, tomorrow is Christmas Eve. At some point over the holidays, do yourself a favor and watch one of the two scariest movies ever made: Bob Clark’s Black Christmas

In 1974, a girl I was sweet on named Laurie Schaefer (forgive my spelling if you read this, Laurie) and I drove to Willmar, Minnesota to see a movie on a date. The movie we hoped to see, Earthquake, was sold out. The only other option was something called Black Christmas, playing on an adjacent screen. Neither of us had heard of it. I can’t speak for Laurie, but it scared the crap out of me.

Forty-nine years later, as far as I’m concerned, it remains one of the best, most frightening movies I’ve ever seen (the other would be The Exorcist).

I suggest you watch it. Happy holidays from me, Billy.




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