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Trump or death?

OK, I guess.

Why not?





When I’ve had it with politics, culture wars, and any other noise, I gravitate to this YouTube channel, wherein a young woman and her boyfriend describe life in Svalbard, Norway.

Her videos are scenic, peaceful, and addictive. I highly recommend them.




Remember George Will?

Yeah, I don’t either.


Why is it that these bitter old men (looking at you, too, Stephen King) are such big fans of baseball?





I can’t believe that I used to watch this idiot on MSNBC. I should have been warned about his mental instability during those bizarre James Thurber segments he used to air.




Where have you gone, Siskel and Ebert?


From Vulture:



From Rotten Tomatoes:



In the name of “diversity and inclusion,” Rotten Tomatoes critic consensuses are watered down and unreliable.

Bottom line: The scores you see on RT are increasingly reflective of the opinions of snot-nosed college grads who write for politically correct blogs.




Disturbing Trend on Twitter – er, “X”



Once upon a time, pundits would post provocative comments and hope to generate views and comments. Maybe they would get 75 comments.

Now that X is monetizing “engagement” (reader comments), the pundits have learned that it pays to ask questions, instead. Simple “yes or no” questions are best. With any luck, your 75 comments could triple, or quadruple.





Look at those eyes. Look at that sneer. Now tell me that Dick Cheney isn’t evil personified.


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