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OK, OK, I was never in Kim Kardashian’s league when it comes to “impressions” on Twitter (or X). But this is ridiculous.

Not that long ago, I would get actual replies and “likes” for the same kind of comments I make today. As you can see above, that’s no longer the case.

And so once again, screw you, Elon Musk. Your so-called “free-speech” platform is still under the thumb of woke censors.

I might as well post only on Gab.





Sorry, ladies, but I’ve had it with your irrational hatred of Donald Trump. Because you would prefer to support the far-left over anything Trump-related, the country is going down the shitter.

So yes, I blame a lot of this on you.


(Is this the kind of sentiment that got me shadow-banned on Twitter?)




Heavy sigh. More anti-straight-white-male bias



This Decider story is about the cancellation of A League of Their Own. I didn’t see the series, but I loved the movie.

But you know, God forbid that Amazon give the audience what it wants.




Heavy sigh. Swamp creature Kevin McCarthy



Kevin McCarthy “threatens.” McCarthy “warns.” McCarthy actually does … nothing.




In lighter, irrelevant, trivial news, The Grouch is disappointed with timid Big Brother:



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