The Weekly Review: May 21 – 27


This Week on “Culture Wars”



To Boycott, or Not to Boycott


Bud Light was an easy boycott for me. Could have something to do with the fact that I quit drinking 14 years ago.


Target is also an easy boycott. I needed a new coffeemaker, something I might have purchased at Target two weeks ago. Yesterday I got one at my grocery store, instead.



Who needs fucking Bud Light? Who needs fucking Target?





I stopped watching Fox News a couple weeks ago. I’ve been getting my news fix from Newsmax, Tim Pool, YouTube and Twitter.


My advice: If you can’t bring yourself to boycott Budweiser, Target, Fox News, Disney, or professional sports, at least do the next best thing and cut back.





Mayors of sanctuary cities whining about immigrants and demanding taxpayer relief? Fuck them.

They’re getting what they asked for.





Reparations that turn your black neighbors into instant millionaires — at your taxpaying-expense? The idea would have appealed to Charles Manson, who dreamed of instigating a race war.





Henry Kissinger still in the news at age 100? More evidence that only the good die young.




Wish I had a better handle on who would do better in the general election, Trump or DeSantis.

I need a damn crystal ball.




Now that anyone who displeases the left is a racist — thinking of you, bicycle lady — does the word no longer have meaning?





FUBAR on Netflix: The most striking thing about the show, to me, is Arnold’s face.

Aging stars need to accept that wrinkles look much better on them than the freak-show number that plastic surgery does.




My ancestors lived in a village called Sunndalsora, located in central Norway.

I learned from this video that, during the Viking Age, the toughest Vikings in Scandinavia came from Norway. Not Sweden, not Denmark — Norway.

Within Norway, the toughest of the tough Vikings were from central Norway. You guessed it, the same region that includes Sunndalsora.


So don’t fuck with me. If you do, I might feel compelled to rape and pillage.



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