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“Money Heist:


Battle of the Babes!”



Not that it matters to anyone other than them, but there is a battle of the fans going on over which version of Netflix’s Money Heist is superior: the original Spanish series, or Korea’s new take on the same story.

Personally, I got tired of Spain’s hit show after one or two seasons. But I did enjoy it in its early days — ditto for Korea’s Money Heist, which debuted a few weeks ago, also on Netflix.

I think the Money Heist fans are fighting over the wrong issue. They are debating plots, characters, and unimportant things like that. The real question is, which version has the hottest actresses? Have a look, and you be the judge.


Team Spain


Left to right:  Itziar Ituno, Alba Flores, Ursula Corbero, Maria Pedraza, Esther Acebo


Team Korea


Left to right: Jeon Jong-seo, Jang Yoon-ju, Kim Yun-jin, Lee Joo-bin


Depending on which source you use, the spellings and name orders of Korean actresses are … frustrating. For example, you will find the actress who plays “the hostage” identified as either Lee Joo-bin or Joo-bin Lee. Same problem arises with other actors in the cast. We just flipped a coin.


What follows is an artistic and scientific comparison of the Spanish and Korean babes who play the five major female characters in both versions of the story: Tokyo, Nairobi, The Negotiator, The Hostage, and The Diplomat’s Daughter.


“Tokyo” – Ursula Corbero/Jeon Jong-seo

“Nairobi” – Alba Flores/Jang Yoon-ju

“The Negotiator” – Itziar Ituno/Kim Yun-jin

“The Hostage” – Esther Acebo/Lee Joo-bin

“The Diplomat’s Daughter” – Maria Pedraza/Lee Si-woo



Tokyo — Ursula Corbero


grouchyeditor.com nude Corbero



Tokyo — Jeon Jong-seo



Winner: Corbero


Jong-seo is as cute as a button, but aside from the screen caps pictured above from Burning, she doesn’t seem to have done much in the way of nude scenes. Corbero, on the other hand, bares all in a number of Spanish shows (and also for the paparazzi).



Nairobi — Alba Flores




Nairobi — Jang Yoon-ju



Winner: Yoon-ju


Flores certainly shows more skin, but model/actress Yoon-ju is beyond hot. Too bad she doesn’t show much, or even appear much, in the first season of Money Heist. (By the way, we’re assuming that’s Yoon-ju’s bare ass in the Vogue Korea photo above. Or is it an illustration? Hard to tell.)



The Negotiator — Itziar Ituno




The Negotiator — Kim Yun-jin



Winner: Yun-jin


In the battle of the older actresses, we’re going to hand this one to Yun-jin. Although, we’ll have to point out that the bare-buttocks screen caps above are from a movie she did quite a few years ago.



The Hostage — Esther Acebo




The Hostage — Lee Joo-bin




Winner: Joo-bin


Yes, this battle is getting lopsided. Maybe we have an Asian fetish. But even though Mr. Skin informs us that Joo-bin has yet to do any real nudity, the fucking scene from Money Heist pictured above is much sexier than poor Acebo’s scene in the Spanish version, which has to be about the least-glamorous nudity since, well ….



Diplomat’s Daughter — Maria Pedraza




Diplomat’s Daughter — Lee Si-woo



Winner: Si-woo


You guessed it, another win for Korea. Pedraza’s bare boobs (above, not from Money Heist) are lovely, but good lord, some of these Korean girls are delightful. Sadly, if Si-woo has disrobed in anything, we couldn’t find it.




Yes, we know, we are becoming Playboy magazine. We are Playboy (this week) because politics are just too damn depressing.


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