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Maybe there are more shows out there like this one, and I’m just not aware of them because I don’t seek them out. But as silly as its plot often is, and as incomprehensible as so much of its “science” appears to me, I still liked Lost in Space.

I didn’t watch it for the plot. I watched it in part for the cool settings, but mostly because I enjoyed the Robinsons (above) and their friends. The series, which concludes its third and final season on Netflix this month, has a combination that is increasingly rare: It’s a wholesome family show that doesn’t bore and doesn’t insult the intelligence. The dialogue is often witty. That’s good enough for me.




So much for the wholesome stuff. Now on to the not-so-wholesome stuff:



“There’s a lot of reasons to shimmy and shake around here these days.”

“It’s exciting to watch you.”

— Fox on-air talent Charissa Thompson to two Miami Dolphins (above) in an interview last week.


I’m sure everyone in the NFL (and on the Internet) found plenty to shimmy and shake about watching Charissa shimmy and shake in her leaked sex videos:






I’m old enough to remember when intimate videos and/or photos could bring down a female celebrity — like Miss America Vanessa Williams. Or at least to be a big-deal scandal — like Thompson co-worker Erin Andrews’s (Andrews and Thompson frolicking at the beach, above) hidden-cam exposure as she shook her bare booty in a hotel room:



Nowadays, naked videos are something you probably should add to your resume.





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