The Weekly Review: October 24 – 30


Free Money


For Everyone! *


* (except you)



“Medicare Martha” (above) has some questions on her TV commercial:


“Where’s my additional benefits?”

“Where do I get these automatically?”


Martha, who we are told is already on Medicare, just found out that she might be eligible for more taxpayer money. But there’s a problem: Martha can’t be bothered to pick up the phone.

Selfless, kind-hearted Martha is such a wonderful spokesperson for older Americans, don’t you think?

Free money for Martha!





Biden must be trying to spark civil war while he is out of town, in Europe, with the news of this proposed reward for illegal immigration.

Or … is it possible this is fake news meant to distract us from the backlash against Biden’s vaccine mandates?


At any rate, free money for illegal immigrants!





I photo-searched A.O.C. and discovered there are lots of fake nudes of the congresswoman. However, there is a bright side for A.O.C.

Should she ever become embroiled in a sex scandal of any sort, and there are pictures, she can point to the ubiquitous fakes already out there, and plausibly deny everything.



Oddly, if you Google fellow squad member Ilhan Omar, you will find just one nude fake — but more fake nudes of A.O.C.







I don’t know which would be worse, having this sputtering, dissembling weasel on the Supreme Court, or as the attorney general.




As I watched newly bespectacled Bill Maher perform his monologue the other day, I had the nagging feeling that I’d seen it — or him — in some bygone era. Who was it I was reminded of? Hmmm ….







Last but not least …



Let’s Go Brandon!


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