The Weekly Review: February 14 – 20


The Cuomo brothers — so cool and so fun and stuff!

It was super-fun when some kids who are even cooler — Hollywood celebrities — recognized the Cuomo magic and gave Andrew an Emmy!

Don’t you wish you could be as cool (and cute!) as the Cuomos and Hollywood celebrities?

Maybe if you cleaned up and stayed away from Walmart, you too could be cool!


(Just don’t tell grandma and grandpa about how much you dig the Cuomos. They might have seen the headline below.)






Speaking of Walmart …

It’s interesting that one Hollywood big shot who is most vocal about trashing Deplorables, thereby distancing himself from them, is also a guy who, were it not for his celebrity, looks like he would be most at home at Walmart:





I’m not sure which is a greater threat to the United States as we know it (knew it?) and democracy throughout the world: China, or global corporations that kiss China’s ass.

Aside from the damned virus that it unleashed on the world, it’s not hard to find other atrocities China is committing. It’s also not hard to find out which companies and billionaires suck up to Beijing:


Clue:  Which movie studio praised Chinese “re-education-camp” officials in the credits for its 2020 movie, Mulan?

Hint:  Which rich guy wanted to please China by dumping the national anthem before his NBA team’s home games?

Clue:  Which president (and his family) is financially in bed with the Chinese?


Joe Biden seems to be doing his best impersonation of Neville Chamberlain, the reviled British prime minister who thought it was a good idea to appease Hitler.









Yes, Beyonce is an attractive woman. But, sorry, her ass is way too fat.

It’s gross.

There. I said it.





Someone on our staff read the above article and has been insufferably smug ever since:



Sigh. Yes, his eyes are also brown.





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