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Guilty Pleasure of the Week:  Behind Her Eyes 


This is an entertaining series if you can get past that little … uh … astral-projection thing.

As one critic on Rotten Tomatoes says, it’s just bonkers enough to hold your attention, despite that … astral-projection thing.

Also, star Simona Brown is hot and shows her buns in one scene. Unfortunately, Netflix blocks my screen-cap function, or I’d show you her buns.

Fortunately, her buns also appear in something called Kiss Me First. So I’ll show you that, instead:



Oh, yeah. Also her boobs:



Feel free to astral project.




Aha! At long last, we finally have an answer as to why Tim Pool is always wearing that stupid beanie:






I’m going to stop criticizing Twitter, YouTube, Amazon and Facebook for censoring and banning conservatives, because I suspect that’s not really what they are doing.

I’m going to criticize them for censoring and banning Trump supporters, because I suspect that’s really what they are doing.











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