The Weekly Review: January 24 – 30

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Yeah, I don’t understand it, either.

But I look at it this way: If you understand physics, you’re probably a nerd. If you understand the GameStop story, you’re probably an asshole. Unless you’re an amateur trader on Reddit, bringing down the big boys on Wall Street.

When they make the movie about this, because of course they will, I want Michael Douglas to play a hedge-fund manager, or possibly “Vlad” from Robinhood. That would be even more entertaining than Gordon Gekko’s comeuppance in Wall Street.

Speaking of the GameStop story, here is Tim Pool tearing Elizabeth Warren a new one. 





I don’t have kids, so I’m not going to begin this rant with the obligatory caveat “I love teachers but …” that nearly every story that dares to criticize educators includes. So let me just ask: Is there a more selfish group in America than teachers?

Teachers already have retirement benefits, paid for by you, which are likely much cushier than what you have. They are near-impossible to fire. Now they apparently expect to be well-paid to not teach kids — at the expense of kids.

Although the vast majority of teachers are well below the age of 65, they also expect to be first in line for the virus vaccine. Because they are special. They are better than you.

And please don’t try to divorce teachers from their greedy unions, because the unions wouldn’t exist without teachers’ support.





We don’t need a fence between the U.S. and Mexico. We need one between San Francisco and the rest of us.




If you want to do something that is unpopular with the average citizen, claim that your goal is to accomplish one of three things: 1) keeping the public safe from the virus; 2) keeping the public safe from terrorism; or 3) advancing social “equity.” If you can convince enough people that you mean well, you can get by with just about anything.





You go, girl.




The best way to get attention for your video is nothing new: sex sells. That’s why so many videos have sensational thumbs and titles that don’t really jibe with their content, and why videos like the one below choose bare-skin shots for their thumbnails:



If you’re like us, you don’t want to watch the whole video; you just want to see bare ass. So here is the video above edited into two bite-sized segments. You’re welcome.






One hundred years ago, the male of the species was thrilled to catch a glimpse of a well-turned female ankle, or perhaps, if he was lucky, a glimpse of thigh at the beach.

Today, thanks to COVID-19, men are deprived of seeing that most erogenous of zones, the female face. It’s become a rare treat to catch a peek of a gal’s cheek, or even, if our boy is really lucky, a partial proboscis.

In that spirit, we are proud to present a sneak preview of the magazine for 2021, Play Mask. Take a look at some of the girls featured in our debut pictorial:


Will she or won’t she? Teri the tease leaves us guessing (and gasping) as she begins to disrobe in public.


“Take it off! Take it all off!” Marcie prepares to leave work for the day — and leave us trembling like a bowl of shaken jelly.


Maria has plans to visit a nude beach this weekend, and her see-thru mask has us planning to go, as well.


Just in case you think Play Mask is unwilling to “go all the way,” have a look at cheeky Cherie, above, who has the audacity to go full-frontal.


Naughty Nancy wasn’t prepared to go full-frontal for us, but we’re happy to see full-nose, above.


Foxy Felicia, above, leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination. And we love it.



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