The Weekly Review: April 12 – 18


Watching the news these days is like seeing the Titanic sink. The only questions are how fast will the country sink, who gets saved, and who finds a lifeboat. Guess who’s finding a lifeboat?




I’m just about to the point where I want every rich, famous, and powerful person in this country to be tossed overboard.




You hate the media because it is a) too pro-Trump or b) too anti-Trump. I hate the media because when there is finally some good news for smokers, it’s ignored:





I notice that our “essential” occupations tend to be jobs like truck driver and grocery-store clerk. Most white-collar jobs are “non-essential.” Guess which occupations get the fattest paychecks?

Speaking of checks … it’s been about a month now and I have yet to see any money from Uncle Sam. Have you?




Fifteen years ago, I read a book called The Coming Generational Storm. That was, of course, long before this pandemic. Oh, boy.

Now we can look forward to a new war between the young and the old. We have dwindling resources; do we use them to secure the health of aging Boomers, or to secure the future for Millennials and Gen Z?





I’ve poked fun at Tucker Carlson in the past, but the dude cranks out more provocative stories on a nightly basis than most other journalists do in a month.

Every weeknight, Carlson exposes some outrage, or some villain, that no one else seems to be covering. Everyone else is preoccupied with Trump, Pelosi, and other usual suspects.





Hooray for Hollywood, which is teaming up with a pro-China organization (see yellow arrow, above) to fight the Wuhan virus. Apparently there are no other groups or charities our celebrities think can do a better job.




Dinkle vs. King



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