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There’s a Reason Our State Bird Is the Loon


There is a woman who follows me on Twitter (I also follow her), whom I don’t really know. I don’t recall how we became mutual followers. But looking at her avatar, she appears to be just an ordinary female American, possibly a soccer mom, possibly not. I believe she mentioned in one of her tweets that she is 52 years old.

But looking at my feed in recent weeks, it appears that she’s become more active. Here is a sampling of what she’s had to say:



Mind you, this sampling is just from the past 24 hours. These rants go on all day, every day.

Why in hell is she so angry?


What is it about Donald Trump that has driven so many Democrats off the deep end?

I think it’s the Rocky syndrome. In America, there is no story or myth more powerful than that of the underdog rising up against insurmountable odds to triumph. It’s how we were born:  rag-tag patriots knocking off the all-powerful British Redcoats.

And it’s how Rocky Balboa became a movie legend in 1976, not quite defeating, but going the distance, against Apollo Creed. Granted, Donald Trump is no humble nice guy like Rocky was. But in November 2016 he pulled a Rocky for the ages.

Now imagine you are on the wrong side of that shocking event. You are a Democrat and you voted for Hillary. But on November 8 you became the British in 1776, or Apollo Creed in 1976. You are the loser and the villain.

That’s a hard pill to swallow.

That’s why the Democrats have lost their marbles.




Of course, I could be wrong. In the past, I’ve voted for certain Democrats, which no doubt makes me a naïve fool in the minds of some on the right. I’ve also voted for certain Republicans, which no doubt makes me an evil bastard in the minds of some on the left.

In my defense, I live in Minnesota. This is a state that gave the world Ilhan Omar and now this woman, who plans to run against her:



OK, so many problems here. First, I have no idea who the dude in the MAGA hat is. Also, this is Minnesota, and Minnesotans don’t say “y’all” the way the guy introducing this young lady does.

But remember, this is the state that gave the world Jesse Ventura and Al Franken, so you can’t really be surprised by Stella, who, by the way, has apparently been charged with this:



I’m from Minnesota, where there is no shortage of loons. Most of them seem to be in politics.


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