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Where I was when …


The first men walked on the moon:

With my family on vacation at a lakeside resort in Minnesota called Izatys. I recall (hazily — hey, I was a young fart) a small group of us vacationers huddled around a black-and-white TV in the resort’s recreation room, watching the famously grainy images of Neil Armstrong and company on the moon. If there was cheering or any other overt displays of emotion from our small group, I don’t recall it.


Kennedy was assassinated:

Have to admit I’m not sure, because I was basically a toddler. I do remember playing on the living-room floor of a neighbor’s house while the tragic event was being endlessly discussed on television. I also recall – I think – that dinner with my family was an especially somber occasion that evening.


The terrorists attacked the U.S. on September 11, 2001:

At home getting ready for work, listening to the radio describe a plane crashing into the World Trade Center. I believe that at first they thought it was a small airplane. Later, at work, we spent most of the day watching CNN report the dramatic developments.


Ilhan Omar married her brother:

Probably at home alone, possibly masturbating.





Speaking of Ilhan Omar … I got an e-mail the other night inviting me to the Minneapolis airport (about a 20-minute drive) to welcome her home from D.C.

I thought about going and wearing a MAGA hat, just to see what would happen. But I decided not to because a) I don’t own a MAGA hat, and b) I value my life.




I might have hyped this show before, but if you like funny and you dig British comedy, check out Trigger Happy TV on YouTube.  As far as I can tell, it’s the clear inspiration for YouTube channels like The Daily Dropout, Vlog Creations, Jack Vale Films – you name it.




Babe of the Week: Jessica Sula


I was watching the third season of Scream (don’t ask why; it wasn’t anything special) and wondered where I had seen the cute actress who played “Liv.” Oh, yeah, she was the bare-bottomed lass who gets butt-whipped in Godless:






Where do they find these courtroom “artists”? This woman is supposed to be a beauty queen? And check out those shoulder pads on El Chapo.


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