The Weekly Review: December 17 – 23


I watched part of Jupiter’s Darling (1955) on TCM, and now I know why we got the 1960s.


Although it must be said, the musical number in which a woman debates whether or not she’d like to be treated like one of a trainer’s elephants has a certain spunky charm.





I am wondering which subject our government will keep hidden from us the longest: the Pentagon’s research on UFOs, or the list of congressmen who used taxpayer money to hush up their sex scandals.





This photo of Hillary that was posted on Breitbart … you just know it’s gonna get photoshopped.





Wormwood on Netflix


A mesmerizing docudrama about the shady doings of the CIA and its impact on one man’s family.

But it’s also a frustrating miniseries because, you know, CIA.




Stupid Tweets



Oh, come now. Omaha isn’t the largest city, but it surely has theaters bigger than that.



Hmmm … must have been a pretty big freezer to make room for her and the dogs.


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