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There is a movie opening this week (pictured above) about a “genius editor” named Maxwell Perkins.


Isn’t “genius editor” a redundant term? Of course it is.




Want to start an online conversation with a stranger? Here’s a surefire method:


A)  Go to a site like The Huffington Post or Drudge Report, select an article, and then find the comments section. It is not necessary to actually read the article or any of the reader comments.

B)  Select a random comment and reply to it with these two words: “Shut up.”

C)  Repeat as necessary. I guarantee that this will start an online conversation.




grouchyeditor.com Jerks


They say we get the candidates we deserve. I guess we must have really pissed off the gods this year.

Which of these two insufferable jerks will be our next president? I have to bet on Hillary, for one reason: She’s awful, but she’s smart. Trump is awful, but he’s stupid. Smart trumps stupid. Usually.




grouchyeditor.com Carpenters


My musical tastes have never been cool. In the 1970s, I liked disco, the Jackson 5, and the Carpenters. I disliked heavy metal and most of what the critics liked.

I was reminded of this last week when PBS aired a documentary called Close to You: Remembering the Carpenters. Karen and Richard Carpenter were, of course, hokey and schmaltzy and kitschy and sappy. I don’t care. I still like their music.




Random quotes from Red Eye:


grouchyeditor.com JoNo


“I currently have scaffolding – I’m on the fifth floor – and there are men who are like, on the thing, and they’re just outside my window. I need thicker drapes, ‘cause and then like, I can’t do anything in my bedroom anymore.” – Joanne Nosuchinsky (above), during a panel discussion of traffic congestion. Yes, traffic congestion.


“There are still guy shows. I mean, I’m sorry, but somebody please tell me that Game of Thrones is not a guy show.” John Podhoretz on Hollywood gender issues.

“You’re right, there’s not enough male nudity.” — Joanne again.






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