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Chelsea Handler’s talk show


Her monologue sucked, her interviews sucked, and her taped “comedy” bits were nothing more than advertisements for Netflix.

On the plus side, her pet dog, which wandered around the set during the show, seemed to be a good boy.




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Facebook’s “Trending” module is in the news because it (allegedly) suppresses conservative news. This trending feature is hailed as some of the most valuable real estate on the Internet.

Silly me. I’ve been on Facebook for years, and it wasn’t until yesterday that I even noticed the trending column. I thought it was a box for ads.




I don’t understand why The Washington Post feels the need to assign 20 reporters to dig up dirt on Donald Trump. Wouldn’t one intern watching old Howard Stern videos be sufficient?


Speaking of Trump, the mere mention of his name causes editors at The Huffington Post to froth at the mouth and take leave of their senses. They also take leave of headline proofreaders:


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Trump’s taxes, Hillary’s transcripts


I don’t need to see Donald’s taxes; I’m quite certain he’s an unstable crook. I don’t need to read Hillary’s speech transcripts; I’m quite certain she’s a corrupt liar.




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