The Weekly Review: April 10 – 16 Ivanka


Clueless Quotes of the Week:


“I have three children now, under the age of four and a half, and it’s exhausting.” — Ivanka Trump, pictured above hard at work


Yes, I’m sure that with Ivanka’s lack of money and resources, childrearing is a real chore. Kunzig


“We already tax them [the rich] enough. They’re paying more than their fair share of taxes.”




“We text in theaters all the time.”


– attorney Christi Kunzig on taxing the rich and texting in movie theaters and challenging Ivanka Trump for most obnoxious comments of the week




I suppose I’m just getting old, nostalgic, and cranky, but Antenna TV has been airing old episodes of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, and I’m enjoying 1970s-‘80s Carson much more than the brown-nosing bunch of boobs hosting late-night shows today. 


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