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“I think Bill Maher’s good for America.  Let me tell you why … he’s willing to speak the truth when so many others in the media are scared to death.” – Fox’s Sean Hannity on Tuesday, causing me to crap my pants.




“It’s as if in World War II we didn’t call the Nazis ‘Nazis’ because we were afraid to offend them.  You call the enemy by their name.  You call everything by its true name, otherwise it’s pure Orwell.” – Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters (the one with the castrato voice) on “terrorism” vs. “workplace violence.”

This from a guy whose military comes up with terms like “collateral damage,” “degrading the enemy,” and “friendly fire”?




These endless wars in the Middle East are too depressing to dwell on.  We’ve been told, for years now, that we have Middle Eastern “allies,” yet these comrades-in-arms either dislike us or are spectacularly incompetent.

Seems like Obama has two options:  A)  Get the hell out of the Middle East altogether (sorry, Israel, but this is your problem), or B) do a much, much better job of explaining to the public just exactly why we must be there.  I’m not holding my breath for either scenario.  Congress doesn’t seem to care, so why should we?




I keep reading that women do not care for penis pictures.  Then why are women so happy to see Ben Affleck’s penis?




… and JLaw picks a strange way to gripe about her leaked nudies:




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