The Weekly Review: September 14 – 20



The clowns who populate cable news have been aflutter, agog, and atwitter over Adrian Peterson and the issue of corporal punishment.  But you have to go online to find stories about what is, to me, the bigger issue:  this propensity of pampered jocks to create fatherless families.










Watching Jimmy Fallon this week was like traveling back in time to 1966.  Barbra Streisand belting out tunes, Jerry Lewis cracking jokes, Questlove sporting an Afro ….




I want to work for CNN.  On CNN, you can get a job like Anthony Bourdain and Mike Rowe have which, from what I can tell, entails traveling around the globe, eating food, and chatting with locals.  For that, you are paid handsomely.  I can do that.


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