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I suppose we could make a Humpty Dump- … er, Chris Christie joke here, but this is a classy Web site, so we won’t.






 Bullshit Artist of the Week:  Joy Galicki


Jake Tapper:  Joy, what exactly are you suing for?  How much money?

Joy Galicki:  This … is not a money thing.  It’s the fact that I physically got sick over this, is what bothers me the most, and I’m very skittish to go over the George Washington Bridge, which I have to do on a daily basis.

Poor Joy, pictured above (left) with her lawyer – who appears to be having trouble keeping a straight face – was traumatized by being stuck in traffic during the New Jersey lanes closing.  Nice to know that, should her class-action lawsuit succeed, the taxpayers will help make Joy feel less “skittish.”




I woke up Monday morning and saw this on my computer:




I went straight back to bed.  Wouldn’t you?






Steven Seagal is contemplating a gubernatorial run in Arizona.  If  I’m his opponent, I’m certain to use this picture of Steven “reaching out” to a young constituent.


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by William Shakespeare



All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely … smug, materialistic gentiles or vindictive, malicious Jews?  That’s pretty much the unflattering picture painted by the Bard in this controversial “comedy.”  For the young, heterosexual, and moneyed, the play ends happily.  For others, not so much.

There are Shakespearean revisionists out there who refuse to believe that the beloved playwright was anti-Semitic but, if he wasn’t down on Jews, he was certainly down on Shylock, the notorious Jewish moneylender at the heart of this story about obstacles to young love.

As always with Shakespeare, methinks you must read this play more than once.  You read the first time (something of a chore) constantly referring to annotations for word definitions and cultural references; you read again for the pleasure of the poetry.


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