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CNN’s Rachel Nichols interviewed the Miami Heat’s LeBron James and then had this nauseating exchange with Brooke Baldwin:

Nichols:  “Brooke, I love that idea, that the most powerful, talented basketball player in the world is just like the rest of us.  That the first time you leave home, you get your shaky little wings out, you kind of test out the world and it teaches you new things …. It is good to be LeBron James right now.  And it turns out he’s just like the rest of us.  Who knew you could say that about LeBron?

Baldwin:  “Just like the rest of us.’  Listen to you, Rachel Nichols.

No thanks, Brooke.  Next time I see Nichols coming, I will get out my shaky little wings and fly away.





Attorney Don West, right, exchanges phone numbers with new sweetheart, Rachel Jeantel


“You don’t think that ‘creepy-ass cracker’ is a racial comment?” —  lawyer Don West to witness Rachel Jeantel at the George Zimmerman trial.

Can’t be racial; it’s what I think every time I find a broken Ritz in the box.




For a computer geek, Ed Snowden is certainly living a glamorous life.  Pole-dancing girlfriends, international intrigue, globe-hopping spies ….




No matter where you come down on the same-sex marriage ruling by the Supreme Court, there is at least one positive side effect.  Next time you encounter some pompous ass who considers himself (or herself) superior because of a ring on a finger, just ask, “Is your spouse a man or a woman?”  I’m guessing they won’t like that.




Be Afraid.  Be Naked and Afraid.

Red Eye’s Greg Gutfeld watched Naked and Afraid and expressed disappointment that Discovery Channel “kept showing [the male’s] ass.”  It’s true.  They did keep showing the male’s ass.  In fairness, here is a picture of the female survivalist’s ass.




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