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It’s not easy being a “butt man” in a boobies world.  When it comes to flesh and the female form in movies, the breast has always reigned supreme and, as a result, the butt man is often left behind.

So it was with a combination of cautious optimism and scholarly interest that I watched Cheeky!, Italian director Tinto Brass’s homage to the perky posterior.  The movie was okay, but Brass’s comments in a DVD behind-the-scenes interview were heartening to all devotees of the derriere.

“I would like to propose myself to television with a  program,” said the 67-year-old auteur.  “There are some who read your palm.  I’d like to go there [television] and read your ass.  I would like to call it Not Just Vagina.  Can you just imagine the success?”




Like any connoisseur of the caboose, Brass gave a great deal of thought to the subject of his movie before the cameras rolled for Cheeky!  The director cast Ukrainian actress Yuliya Mayarchuk in the pivotal role of Carla, a young Venetian who learns that cheating on her boyfriend adds spice to their previously lackluster love life.  In Mayarchuk, Brass found a willing accomplice toward his goal of shedding light on the psychology of modern women.

“Each woman is the ass that she has,” Brass says.  “Actually, in addition, the ass is the mirror of the soul; in this specific case, it’s the mirror of that gorgeous Slavic soul, Yuliya Mayarchuk, who’s the lead actress of the movie.”


Cheeky3 Cheeky4  


Although Mayarchuk was an acting unknown when the film was released in 2000, Brass had a hunch that her moon was about to rise.  “She’s very good-natured, she has a great temperament, and she has a very cute little ass,” said the aesthetically minded filmmaker.  Brass’s intent with Cheeky! was, first and foremost, to advance the cause of feminism through the character of Carla:  “She’s a modern woman who is fully aware of her sexuality and sensuality, and of her right to enjoy it without subduing herself to a chauvinist mentality,” he said.

Just as that other cinematic giant, Alfred Hitchcock, inserted himself into his own films via cameo appearances, Brass inserted himself, and his finger, into both the movie and his young starlet.  This occurs during a scene crucial to the plot in which … well, all right, perhaps the scene isn’t crucial to the plot.  But Brass was intent on exploring bigger issues:


Cheeky5 Cheeky6


“It’s an old habit, a fixation of mine, a belief that in order to discover women’s lies, all you just have to do is look at their ass.  Because, as opposed to the face, which is a hypocrite mask capable of faking and lies, the ass doesn’t lie.”

Or, to paraphrase the Eagles, you can’t hide your lying ass.        Grade:  B




Director:  Tinto Brass  Cast:  Yuliya Mayarchuk, Jarno Berardi, Francesca Nunzi, Max Parodi, Mauro Lorenz, Leila Carli, Chiara Gobbato  Release:  2000




Above, director Brass gives star Yuliya Mayarchuk a pointer on method acting.




    Watch Trailer One  (click here)  or Trailer Two  (click here)




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A gathering of hoity-toity Brits is cut off from the outside world by a snowstorm, trapped in a decrepit manor house as a clever killer picks them off, one by one. Thank goodness an eccentric little “foreigner” is on hand to save the day.  If that sounds a lot like Agatha Christie, well, that’s because it is.  But if you find this kind of piffle irresistible – and I confess that I do – you can do much worse than An English Murder.


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Post-election thoughts, because no one else has an opinion about politics, and the world is dying to hear mine:


  • I’m not so much thrilled for Democrats — they are full of crap on too many issues — as I am relieved at the prospect of no Mitty Rich.  Republicans now know how I felt in 2004, when it became apparent that there would be four more years of Bush.


  • Fox’s Bill O’Reilly and Charles Krauthammer blamed the hurricane for Romney’s “momentum halt.”  Since hurricanes are deemed acts of God, I assume that means God wanted an Obama win.


  • O’Reilly, who claims solidarity with “the folks,” can’t understand the little guy’s temerity:  “Obama wins because it’s not a traditional America anymore,” Bill lamented, adding, “People want things.”  Imagine that.  The “folks” apparently harbor a radical belief that Romney and the super-rich shouldn’t own  everything.


  • Big business, which for years has been whining that “uncertainty” prevented it from adding jobs, can finally stop fretting.  Now it has certainty:  four more years of Obama.


  • It was nice to see Florida still undecided when the election was called.  If ever a state deserved to be irrelevant in an election, it’s Florida.




HLN’s Clark Howard and Ryan Smith discussed the recent hurricane and the hardship it caused East Coasters who were temporarily forced back to the “Stone Age” of telephone landlines.  “It felt so old school,” New Yorker Christy Claxton told the New York Times, “like we were back in 1998.”

I don’t own a cell phone.  Never even used one.  Just call me Gwump.




“It’s what Denny would have wanted.”







We here at Grouchyeditor have a soft spot for the female derriere.  Apparently, American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy, who is gay, has a related weakness.







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