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Cube is one of those little films you stumble upon while channel surfing at 1 a.m., fully intending to switch stations after watching for a few minutes.  Or maybe just a few more minutes … hey wait — this movie is intriguing.

Six disparate characters — including a doctor, a cop, a math whiz, and an autistic young man — wake up inside a gigantic Rubik’s Cube, with no idea how they got there and, more to the point, how to get the hell out.  The solution involves a lot of math, but for the number-challenged among us, that doesn’t detract from the fun. It turns out that our panicky protagonists are not in just one block, but in a master cube composed of thousands of interlocking rooms, many of them equipped with deadly booby-traps.

Cube gets a bit scrambled when the script calls for the characters to interact with each other, rather than the maze, because they aren’t written with much depth.  And the conclusion will probably leave some viewers dissatisfied.  But the ending isn’t really that important.  It’s a bit like solving a crossword puzzle and leaving a few blank squares.  It’s enjoyable getting to the end, even if the puzzle’s not 100 percent complete.       Grade:  B


Director:  Vincenzo Natali  Cast:  Julian Richings, Nicole de Boer, Nicky Guadagni, Maurice Dean Wint, David Hewlett, Andrew Miller, Wayne Robson  Release:  1998


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