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Looks like The Fourth Turning was correct: Clearly, we are amid some kind of new-age civil war.

It doesn’t matter how awful or hypocritical your candidate is; it doesn’t matter how many laws my candidate breaks. You are on your team, and I am on my team.

The midterms simply cemented our views. Red and blue. It’s depressing and exhausting.

For now, I don’t want to discuss politics. Instead, how about some TV Tidbits?




TV Tidbits



I’m watching Annika on PBS. It’s a pretty good cop show, mostly because it stars Nicola Walker (above), who has done this kind of role many times, but in Annika shows off more of her comedic side. However

In the past few years, I’ve noticed a disturbing (to me) trend in a lot of European cop shows. They open with a theme song featuring a female wailer who wails slowly, sadly, and annoyingly. These singers bring to mind Sarah McLachlan in those omnipresent commercials about abused pets.

Also annoying: Annika’s co-worker is a lesbian. OK. Also, Annika’s teen daughter is a budding lesbian.

That’s not “woke” enough for me. Let’s make the entire cast lesbian.





The Crown season five on Netflix: The production values are still there, and for the most part the cast is fine. However

Sure, Dominic West is a fine actor. But playing Charles? Give me a break.

Also, it seems like some of the show’s old magic is gone, possibly because so far (through three episodes) there doesn’t seem to be any character to root for. It feels like creator/writer Peter Morgan has decided that yes, the monarchy is outdated and it’s 2022 and everything in the past sucks and we’ve all had enough of these pampered Brits.





Banned, reviled, and worshipped Milo Yiannopoulos was on Tim Pool’s podcast. (This is a “TV Tidbit” because I watch YouTube on my TV, so shut up.)

Yiannopoulos is one of those raconteurs who can mesmerize you with his words. For two hours, he mesmerized the other blabbermouths on Pool’s show. And that’s no easy feat.

He’s an intellectual who is quite convincing while you listen to him, but of whom, in retrospect following the show, you suspect might be full of shit.

Maybe it’s his British accent.



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