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Perhaps it’s because the temperature is ten degrees below zero where I live, but for some reason I have even more rants than usual this week. Let’s get started, shall we?



I’m afraid we’re long past the point of calling out your political opponents’ hypocrisy or double standards to effectively shame them or to change anyone’s mind.

Your opponents don’t care about any of that because your opponents are at war with you. And you know, “all is fair in love and war.”

Your opponents will win if you don’t fight back.

Even Tim Pool (pictured above), who in the past advocated for a “we’re better than that” approach to the culture war, is now advocating for cancel culture — from the right and against “woke” culture. “Put your money where your mouth is,” he says.




I like something else that Pool is pushing for. Rather than whine incessantly about liberal Hollywood and the progressive-dominated culture, he wants to create a new, albeit much smaller, version of Hollywood, one that isn’t so “woke.”

Pool is looking for talent to make short videos and music. If I were a younger pup, I’d apply for a job.




Conservative media pundits keep asking, why is the left so angry? Didn’t they win the election?

Methinks it’s because Trump and his supporters, by pointing out progressive flaws, puncture the left’s cherished dreams. There is nothing worse you can do to an upset child than to puncture his dreams.




President Emmanuel Macron and famously leftist France are worried about preserving their heritage.

Meanwhile, in America, our heritage has been deemed horrible and must be destroyed and completely rebuilt.




I’m still in shock that Rod Blagojevich got sent to jail in 2012. Anyone rich or powerful is not supposed to face consequences, especially not jail time. Blago and fellow felon Lori Loughlin must have had horrible lawyers.




Eric Swalwell slept with a Chinese spy? Let’s investigate!

Ilhan Omar misused campaign funds and married her brother so he could come to America? Let’s investigate!

Powerful people made up the Trump-Russia “scandal”? Let John Durham investigate!

Powerful people are intimately connected to the Jeffrey Epstein scandal? Go get ‘em!

Wall Street bankers committed crimes leading to the 2008 financial collapse? Go get ‘em!

Bush, Obama, and Trump all broke the law?


After much fuss and outrage, all of this … just … fadesaway. I imagine that in a few weeks, we’ll all forget about Andrew Cuomo and his nursing-home scandal.




It’s not every day that we get a plug on someone else’s site, so let’s raise a glass to this shout-out from Artsploitation Films:





So even 60 Minutes, a show I revered in my youth, is now incompetent at best, utterly corrupt at worst. If 60 Minutes reporters are supposed to be the crème de la crème of investigative journalism, how could Lesley Stahl interview a rumored child molester (about how bad Trump is) without realizing she is interviewing a rumored child molester?

I guess that any show that has Anderson Cooper as an alumnus is automatically suspect.




Look up “bitch” in the dictionary and this is what you should find:






This is why CNN has become the National Enquirer of cable news.





I had never heard of this actress, probably because I avoid most action or Star Wars-themed shows. But I learned that she got canned from her Disney job for doing the unthinkable: speaking the truth.

So, I did a search of Gina Carano and found this picture:



Is that — or rather, are those — Gina Carano or some Internet fake?

Either way, I wish her career success.





I am more and more digging The Babylon Bee.





LeBron James must be so proud.




Still waiting for your stimulus check? Sorry, you’ll have to wait a bit longer. The Senate, having exhausted itself over the grueling Trump impeachment proceedings, has more important tasks right now. Like taking a week-long vacation. Your check can wait.


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