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“The Ted Baxter Award”



          Williams                              Baxter                                 Scott


I used to believe that NBC’s lantern-jawed cockatiel Brian Williams had a lock on “The Ted Baxter Award,” with his tilted-head, squinty-eyed, oh-so-serious delivery. But then I watched last Sunday’s Fox Report Weekend with Jon Scott.



Here is Jon telling viewers what to expect at the Department of Homeland Security after the ouster of Kirstjen Nielsen:



Here is Jon thanking reporter John White House for reporting from the Roberts:



Jon struggles a bit with his timeline:



And finally, Jon has trouble with correspondent Casey Stegall:






We recently complained about the scarcity of quality new TV shows. That complaint stands. But a couple of returning shows are just as good as ever: Killing Eve, which is fairly routine as a spy drama but with moments of comic genius, and Unforgotten on PBS, which is always absorbing.



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