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I stopped watching baseball years ago because a) it bores me, and b) my hometown team sucks.

But have you seen this dude?


The best of Willians Astudillo


I might have to start following the Twins again, just because of him.




Two expressions I’ve heard more than enough:


On immigration: “Congress needs to act.”

It hasn’t acted on immigration for decades, it doesn’t want to act on immigration, so don’t waste your breath.


On the economy: “If there’s one thing that Wall Street hates, it’s uncertainty.”

Yeah, because everyone else is so fond of uncertainty.





Apparently we are so on top of 2019 problems that we now feel the need to resurrect 1960s problems. 




I guess Donald Trump and Joe Biden are very much in sync. Trump grabbed pussies because, in his words, women “let you do it.” Biden gropes women and children because, well, they let him do it.

(By the way, that “let you do it” part — isn’t that what we call “consent”?)

More interesting, at least to me, is this business of Biden swimming naked in front of female secret service agents.




Speaking of exposed skin, if you Google-search Emily Compagno, the latest pin-up queen on Fox News, you will see this picture:



These days, you never know what’s real and what’s been photo shopped. But those are such fine-looking butt cheeks, let’s just assume they belong to the former Raiders cheerleader.


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